Waiting Families

Michael & Jenny

We're from North Dakota, We're open to visits!

We’re a fun-loving Christian couple! We have been married for 12 years and are a down to earth couple that loves to spend time with family, travel, or be outdoors. We are excited for your child to be a part of our family adventures. We feel this is God’s plan for us and we are looking forward to providing a life full of love, support, and nurture to a child of any gender. We are open to visits, pictures, and updates!

Jake & Michele

We're from Washington, We're open to visits!

Hello from Washington! We are an active family of four looking to complete our family through adoption with a son of any race. We are excited for more family hikes, camping and playing sports. We look forward to sharing pictures, letters and visits with you!

Will & Lauren

We're from Texas, We're open to visits!

We are a devout Christian family that lives in Texas, with our sons, Matthias and Samuel. Will works for our church as Director of Congregational Life and Outreach, and Lauren is a stay-at-home mom. Some of our favorite things include Mexican food, family movie nights, and making our sons laugh.

John & Loraine

We're from Missouri, We're open to visits!

We’re a young Christian couple who have been blessed to adopt our two sons. John has a stable job with a company that sells building products, and Loraine is a stay-at-home mom. We are looking forward to adopting a child and filling our home with more love and laughter!

Trevor & Anne

We're from Nebraska, We're open to visits!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us! We feel God has called us to adopt for a long time now and we are beyond excited and hopeful at the opportunity to do so. We’ve always had a strong desire in our hearts to adopt. In fact, before we were married, we talked about our shared passion to adopt children. We absolutely love children and are excited to grow our family.

Ruiky & Stephanie

We're from Oklahoma, We're open to visits!

Hola and hi there! We are excited to become first-time parents through the blessing of adoption. We are a bilingual couple that loves to embrace life and all the wonderful things it has to offer. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you to build an adoption plan you can feel confident about. We are open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits as you would feel comfortable.

Christian & Nellie

We're from Idaho, We're open to visits!

Hello! We are from Idaho and are excited to become first-time parents. We are a fun and active couple that enjoy being outdoors and watching football on Sunday's. Adoption has always been in our heart and would love an open adoption with pictures and visits. We are exvited to share our love with your child and are looking forward to speaking with you!

Bill & Jansen

We're from Virginia, We're open to visits!

It has been a dream of ours to raise a child together and we are looking forward to adding to our family through adoption. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and open our arms and hearts to your child!

BJ & Natalie

We're from Indiana, We're open to visits!

We're from Indiana, we're open to visits! We are a fun-loving, excitement-driven, Christian family who loves sports, being outside and spending time with our family and church friends. We are excited to grow our family and welcome another child or children through adoption!

Adam & Kristi

We're from Minnesota, We're open to visits!

We're an easy going, down to earth couple ready to start our family through adoption! We're centered on grace, God's truth, and love. We're excited about local family adventures to the park or library and evenings with Netflix, bedtime stories, and snuggles. We're honored that you would consider us as parents of your child and are looking forward to getting to know you more. We're open to pictures, letters, and visits if you are comfortable.